Ohio Told to Raise College Graduation Rates

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As more Ohioans attend colleges and universities, there is increasing concern over the number who are not finishing, creating a credential gap that poses “serious threat to our state’s future,” according to the report released in Columbus Tuesday at the annual meeting of university and college trustees.

Fewer than half the students who begin college in Ohio graduate, meaning “the student has wasted their money and we have wasted our money,” said Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro, who convened the report.

“We have to do better,” said Petro, who considers this initiative his most important objective. “We’ve got a great future, but not if we squander it.”

For the first time, the regents and higher education leaders statewide released a new report, Complete College Ohio, that offers 20 key recommendations that include getting high school students ready for college, helping all students graduate on time and ensuring they earn degrees that connect them directly to jobs.

It is projected by 2018 that 57 percent of the new jobs planned for Ohio will require working adults with a college degree. So far, only 36 percent of working age adults have a degree.

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