Ohio State University Gives Its Leader $358,848 Pay Bump

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Ohio State trustees on Friday gave President E. Gordon Gee a 3 percent pay raise worth $25,036 and a $333,812 bonus for working to increase student graduation rates and bringing in billions of dollars through fund-raising and new public-private partnerships.

“In a turbulent time period for higher education, in which many universities are being forced to make many difficult sacrifices, this university has thrived,” said trustee Alex Shumate, who oversaw the board committee that wrote Mr. Gee’s evaluation.

Mr. Shumate said Mr. Gee far exceeded the board’s expectations and was described by many as a bold, charismatic, and visionary leader. Others praised him for hiring a strong leadership team.

The raise will bump Mr. Gee’s base salary to $859,566. The increase mirrors the overall percentage given to OSU’s faculty and staff members this year.

With deferred compensation of $225,000 and retirement benefits worth $726,768, Mr. Gee’s total compensation this year is worth a little more than $2.1 million.

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