Ohio Public Colleges Told To Outline 3-Year Grad Plan

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Ohio is pushing public universities to show students how they can earn a bachelor’s degrees in three years — potentially saving thousands in tuition, room and board and avoiding the kind of debt that cripples many families.

But some worry that the accelerated pace, which requires taking college courses in high school and during summer months, doesn’t prepare students for life after college.

“There’s a developmental process in college and four years in college can prepare you better for the workplace,” said Raymond Gorman, a Miami University professor and associate provost.

State law requires that by October, Ohio’s 14 public universities must prove how 10 percent of their baccalaureate programs can be completed in three years. By 2014, the schools must show that 60 percent of degrees meet that mark.

“College is not getting any cheaper,” said Jim Petro, chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents.

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