Officer Fears Backlash Over UMass Recording Lawsuit

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A University of Massachusetts Amherst police officer who sued the university said yesterday that he fears retaliation for speaking out after learning cameras inside the campus police station could secretly record officers’ conversations.

“I’m still afraid of what might happen,’’ Officer Mark Shlosser said in an interview. “But when you see something to me that’s as obvious as this, it’s comparable to seeing a crime committed in your presence and not doing anything about it.’’

Shlosser, 53, filed a civil lawsuit in state court earlier this month, alleging that cameras with the ability to record officers’ conversations were installed in certain areas without the officers’ knowledge.

Yesterday a Hampshire Superior Court judge issued a preliminary injunction, ordering UMass to stop all audio recording and interception at the police station, except for in the interview rooms and the booking and detention areas.

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