Occupy Protesters Descend On U-M Regents Meeting

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A protest by a group calling itself Occupy U-M is gathering at the University of Michigan's Board of Regents meeting to protest escalating tuition rates.

The regents are scheduled to vote today on three construction projects at the school reportedly valued at $88 million, along with a $25 million faculty startup venture.

About 20 Occupy group members, who chanted "instruction not construction" loudly during the meeting, read the following statement in unison:

"In June, the regents of U-M voted to raise tuition for U-M students for the 14th straight year. Tuition at U-M has now increased 233 percent since 1990. You regents are elected officials. You are accountable to the needs and demands of the public you are privileged to serve. Well, the public is here. We are here to tell you that you have failed in this service. In raising tuition to such outrageous heights, you have ensured that education is no longer a service for the public good," according to the Dec. 13 meeting.

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