Oakland University To Offer Vegan Diet Course Aimed At Improving Health, Preventing Diseases

Sharon Rieger's picture

This coming school year, Oakland University is expected to offer a unique course that officials say can help prevent major diseases, such as most cancers, heart disease and type II diabetes.

The Rochester-based university’s school of nursing is launching its first-ever vegan diet course, called “A Lifestyle Change to Improve Health: The Vegan Diet.”

"The vegan diet has the potential to extend an individual's health while making delicious choices in their food selections,” said Marilyn Mouradjian, the course’s primarily vegan instructor. “There will be wonderful recipes for students, like a French silk tofu pie."

The seven-week online course, which is open to the public, could start as early as September, Mouradjian said. Students who enroll in the course will be assigned self-study modules each week that will educate them on how a “vegan diet offers a well-balanced approach that offers benefits beyond the prevention of chronic illnesses that are often caused by poor choices in diet and lifestyles.”

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