NYC To Decide On Controversial NYU Growth Plan

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City officials will vote this month on a hotly contested plan to add four buildings totaling more than 2 million square feet to the Greenwich Village campus of New York University, the nation's largest private university.

NYU administrators say the university must add new facilities to attract top students and professors, but critics, including faculty members and actor Matthew Broderick, say the planned expansion would damage the quality of life in the Village, that bohemian enclave where Edgar Allan Poe and Bob Dylan plied their trades.

"I don't want it to go forward," Broderick told City Council members at a hearing last month. "I think it's too big and changes the character of the Village in a bad way, massively."

Broderick, a lifelong neighborhood resident and the star of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," was among hundreds of foes who testified at the June 29 hearing. Construction workers and NYU officials spoke in favor.

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