Norwich University Spends $41 Million On Construction Projects

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Norwich University is undergoing several major construction projects totaling approximately $41 million. The campus construction is the leading economic development activity currently taking place in central Vermont.

“This is the largest expansion project to date in our region, and we couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Sam Anderson, executive director of the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation.

A new biomass plant under construction will save the university approximately $1 million a year in heating costs. A new dormitory estimated at $25 million will support the university’s consistent growth in enrollment as Norwich positions itself for a third century of service to the nation.

“These projects are creating jobs in the construction sector, which hit its low in spring 2010 and has been slow to rebound,” said Norwich Chief Administrative Officer Dave Magida.

Approximately 400 individuals will be employed with an average of 110 workers per day on campus through early August 2013 and then 50 per day until the completion of the dormitory in August 2014. Once construction is completed, it will add about six permanent, fulltime positions to Norwich, he added.

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