Northland College announces four-year tuition guarantee

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In an effort to combat the rising and often unpredictable costs of higher education, Northland College announced a four-year tuition and housing price guarantee that will begin in Fall 2014.

Freshmen will lock in at one price for all four years. Current students will lock in for their remaining years at the College.

Northland College is the first school in Wisconsin or Minnesota and one of a few in the Midwest to promise the same tuition price for all four years. The College will also freeze room costs and student fees for those four years.

“A tuition guarantee provides the solid cost information students and their families need so they can plan financially for the four years it takes students to complete college,” said College President Michael A. Miller. “It also creates additional incentive for students to finish their bachelor’s degrees in four years.” The new Northland Tuition Guarantee ensures freshmen and current students will stay at the 2014 rates for tuition, housing and student fees, as long as they remain continuously enrolled at the College.

“Since our founding, Northland has had a commitment to making college more affordable for students from a wide variety of backgrounds,” Miller said.

Northland College will also retain its Access Guarantee — a three-year-old program that matches public university tuition for qualifying freshmen.

In addition, the College is piloting a career bridge semester to provide professional work opportunities as well as structured career planning services for one semester after graduation. This program begins next fall and will be offered at no cost to this year’s graduating seniors.

“This is another chance for Northland students to increase their edge in the current job market or obtain valuable career experience before they enter graduate school,” Miller said. “We’re confident about the likely success of this pilot semester and hope to continue it for future graduating classes.”

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