Northern Arizona University Selects Blackboard Learn 9.1

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In a head-to-head evaluation, Northern  Arizona University (NAU) has selected Blackboard Learn™  Release 9.1 as its learning platform over an open source alternative,  Blackboard Inc. announced today. While officials found the two systems to be  comparable in total cost and in functionality for course management, they had  much greater confidence in Blackboard’s client support, product development plans  and robust user community.

During  their evaluation, officials at NAU determined that  Release 9.1 would be easier to work with and manage than the open source option  because of Blackboard’s strong product support and the ability to gain  knowledge through Blackboard’s well-organized, global user community. Over the  long term, officials found that Blackboard’s clear and defined product vision was  a clear differentiator that contrasted sharply with product plans associated  with open source options.

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