Northeastern University Launches Free Nonpartisan “U.S. Political Conventions & Campaigns” Online Course Module

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Northeastern University today announced the launch of a new educational website and course module, “U.S. Political Conventions & Campaigns,” designed to fuel excitement and understanding around the current presidential campaign and upcoming national political conventions in Tampa and Charlotte. Northeastern faculty developed the nonpartisan website with original video content and an open online course module for teachers, students and the general public. Each module offers rich, high-quality content that will help educate voters surrounding the processes, players and history of U.S. presidential campaigns and convention practices that have transpired over the last 50 years.

“The idea began in a discussion with faculty about the Democratic National Convention coming to Charlotte, the site of Northeastern’s first new graduate campus, and the exciting opportunity for the young people of North Carolina to learn about conventions and politics at close range,” explained John LaBrie, dean of the College of Professional Studies and vice president for professional education. “Our faculty developed this from an idea into a powerful educational tool that demonstrates Northeastern’s commitment to the next generation of voters and their teachers, in North Carolina and across the country.”

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