Northeastern is cutting active military members some slack

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In the midst of the government shutdown, Congress is playing “Russian Roulette” with the lives of more than two dozen active-duty service members enrolled at Northeastern University, according to Northeastern president Joseph Aoun. But the students are about to get a break when it comes to paying for courses.

On Sunday, Aoun and school administrators announced that they would not charge enlisted students that rely on tuition assistance, during the shutdown, in order to prevent a disruption in their education.

The Pentagon suspended the processing of Military Tuition Assistance program applications and funding for active-duty service men and women as a result of the government shutdown at the start of the month. More than 300,000 students nationwide risk losing funding for school because of the freeze. Roughly 100 service members are enrolled at Northeastern, but only a portion of those are at risk because of the shutdown. At Northeastern, some classes in the College of Professional Studies will be getting underway next week, which would leave about two dozen active duty students enrolled without tuition coverage because of the halted TA program, the suspension of which went into effect on October 1.

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