North Idaho College reiterates opposition to on-campus gun bill

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North Idaho College and Idaho's seven other colleges and universities have united in opposition to state legislation to create new exemptions for carrying guns on Idaho's college and university campuses, it was announced Monday. The unanimous opposition of Idaho's higher education institutions to Senate Bill 1254 was made public after the State Board of Education on Monday morning voted 6-0 to oppose it.

During an afternoon news conference, NIC President Joe Dunlap was joined by the presidents of Idaho's seven other college and universities in a wall of opposition to the bill. The NIC Board of Trustees last week voted to oppose the measure - Senate Bill 1254.

Reiterating NIC's position, Dunlap emphasized that NIC wants to retain local control of its campus firearms policy.

"This is a litmus test for local control," Dunlap said.

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