North Dakota Formula Aims To Reduce In-Fighting Among Campuses

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North Dakota’s Gov. Jack Dalrymple, lawmakers and university students and administrators said Tuesday the university system’s funding formula has not been transparent, equitable and has been looked down on over the years.

A new funding formula proposed by Dalrymple and the Legislature’s 2012 Interim Education Committee would easily break down how funding is allocated to universities and provide equitable and fair funding for each of the university’s 11 campuses, according to those championing the bill.

Senate Bill 2200 proposes to fund universities based on the number of credits completed, rather than a mixed-bag of ideas.

“At the core, that is the goal, what we are trying to achieve as a system of higher education, Dalrymple told the Senate Education Committee. “Course completion is ultimately what you’re after - that alone provides a significant performance measure.”

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