Norfolk State U Says Hires Will Address State Auditor's Concerns

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Norfolk State University has made three hires in its finance and administration department, which it says will address concerns raised recently by the state’s auditor of public accounts.

In a May 7 letter, Walter Kucharksi said his department could not complete Norfolk State’s audit for the fiscal year ending in June 2011 because of “material weaknesses in internal controls” at the university.

The letter said many of the issues were because of significant turnover and extended vacancies in key positions, such as controller. Some of the problems included the university implementing a new accounting system but not having the staff to provide and monitor the training necessary to operate the system efficiently.

Gregory Davis, NSU’s interim vice president for finance and administration, responded in a letter dated May 16 that the university has recently filled the positions of controller, assistant controller and director of procurement.

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