N.H. Trends Shows Surge in Higher Education Jobs

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Hard on the heels of the January unadjusted Current Employment Statistics (CES), come the February numbers, now that New Hampshire Employment Security has got its end-of-the year benchmarking out of the way. The CES give a sector-by-sector estimate of jobs within New Hampshire, based on employer surveys. 

In the course of its revisions, NHES has reduced, by several thousand, its original estimate of the number of private jobs that existed in the state back in the pre-recession days of February 2008, and thus the differences in a five year comparison no longer looks quite as pronounced. Nonetheless, several interesting trends are still apparent in our accompany chart, which also includes a column for February 2012, to show the economic changes that can occur over a single year.

In February 2008, it is now estimated that there were 542,200 private sector jobs, which is about 9,300 more than there are today. In addition, there were 2,500 more jobs in the public sector, five years ago. 

The chart also shows, though, that a net total of 7,800 private sector jobs were created during the past 12 months, with only the manufacturing sector showing a significant loss.

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