New VPs get comfortable at Odessa College

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When Odessa College leaders get together, someone usually walks away with an education, and on one particular night last week during a reception for new students, an OC student left with a free semester of classes.

It all started with small-talk around their table that evening wherein recent hire Vice President of Information Technology Shawn Shreves suggested that during the raffle they should up the ante of OC’s current offer: the first class at OC is free, to instead OC should pay for two classes for one lucky student that night. President Greg Williams pushed it all in.

“Two minutes later, Dr. Williams gave away a full semester of classes,” Shreves said from his new office on the second floor of the administration building. His colleague, Vice President of Student Services Kim McKay, in a separate conversation last week, joked that if OC wasn’t giving away classes for free, they were handing out free cars.

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