New UNO Programs Are Designed To Enhance Planning For Disasters And Coping With Them

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The University of New Orleans, in a move to improve civic and business leaders' preparation for catastrophes and responses to them, will offer post-graduate programs this spring in hazard planning and hazard-policy studies. Also on tap is an undergraduate minor in disaster policy.

The postgraduate programs, which will lead to certificates upon completion, are designed to teach people how to cope with hurricanes and other disasters "with minimum down time and with minimum impact on operational services. It's resilience through knowledge," said John Kiefer, an associate professor of political science who also is director of UNO's graduate program in public administration.

The program in hazard-policy studies will require completion of three courses, including one covering topics such as federal disaster policy, the roles that governmental agencies play in combating catastrophes and the resources that disaster professionals can expect from all levels of government.

Three courses also are required to earn a certificate in hazard planning, a program designed for planners and people who specialize in coping with disasters who want to broaden their skills.

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