New university trying novel approach

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Wanted: a few good college-bound students willing to take a gamble on a new university. Anyone looking for a typical undergraduate experience need not apply.

Also, must have passport. While classes will be conducted online, students will travel the globe, immersing themselves in local culture in major cities such as Mumbai, Hong Kong and Capetown. All at what founders say is a cut-rate cost.

The Minerva Schools at KGI is one of several recent entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at shaking up traditional higher education. Massive open online courses, which are free and have attracted hundreds of thousands of learners but offer no degree, already have forced traditional higher education to re-examine how to reach more students at lower cost. Other online ventures include the San Francisco-based New Charter University, which offers business degrees and is designed for working adults, and the non-profit University of the People, which charges no tuition.

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