New University Speech Video Site

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Innovation Learning LLC announces today the launch of, a new highly-curated way to construct an education from top university videos. Faculty, staff, and students can utilize these videos and learning techniques to build a customized and innovative education.

Built as a hub for higher education webinars and videos, the Madison-based site is more than an online course aggregator. aims to focus on the intersection of high-quality university content and innovation. College faculty, staff and experts share knowledge from their courses and programs, covering topics like education, leadership, innovation, business, technology, and more.

Videos of the best speeches, lectures, and seminars from Top 20 universities compose the majority of the site. offers best practice tips to free premium subscribers to not just watch, but do, and enhance learning and development from the videos.

Targeting higher education professionals, the site is meant to serve those looking to both learn and teach in new ways. The site already features hundreds of recorded university videos longer than a typical educational YouTube video clip, but shorter than a full online course. is also intregrating a live component that strives to “help higher ed professionals design, present and distribute their own webinars.” is curated by experienced digital education program designers and webinar presenters who actively collaborate with higher education professionals to help them offer blended learning experiences to students and colleagues.

“Doing a webinar on your own or converting your live content to a digital program that has a high learning impact is challenging,” says site founder Darin Eich, Ph.D., “but we’re here to leverage our resources and expertise to help you offer more innovative programs. We do that by utilizing webinar and online technology and tools combined with research on learning and program effectiveness.”

Eich consults with Dartmouth College, the University of Wisconsin, and is the author of Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Professionals. He offers university professional development and creates and facilitates a variety of leadership programs, including Create Your Path and Program Innovation.

While the site is currently home to the staff’s curated content and original programs, Innovation Learning is actively seeking higher education professionals interested in collaborating, curating collections, or building their own new programs.