New University Of Michigan Trespass Policy Takes Effect After 2,000 Banned In A Decade

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The University of Michigan has banned thousands of individuals from its public campus for life in the last decade - but the common practice should end today when a new policy takes effect.

U-M announced June 1 it revised a campus policy under which 2,050 individuals were barred from the public institution by the Department of Public Safety. The move followed months of reports detailing the policy's use.

Criminals were banned, as well as protesters, students, employees and alumni, an analysis found. Some of those barred claimed they’d been banished for life by campus police after speaking out against the institution.

Following the reports, the American Civil Liberties Union and others had charged the policy was unconstitutional in that it lacked due process and could be used to chill free speech. The group threatened to sue, and U-M set to work revising the policy in December 2010.

Now, old cases will be reviewed by DPS.

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