New U of Alabama In Huntsville President Robert Altenkirch Gets Salary Bump Over Predecessor

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Robert Altenkirch, hired Oct. 31 as president at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, got a bump in salary over the school's previous president.

Altenkirch is receiving an annual salary of $437,000, according to a review by The Times of the UAH public payroll disclosures. UA System spokesperson Kellee Reinhart confirmed the salary.

Altenkirch's salary is 5.8 percent higher than compensation received by David Williams, who resigned as UAH president in March 2011 to become engineering dean at Ohio State University. Williams was making $413,000 when he stepped down.

As president of the UA System's smallest campus, Altenkirch's salary is less than the presidents of the system's two other campuses. Both University of Alabama President Robert Witt and University of Alabama in Birmingham President Carol Garrison make $512,000 annually.

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