New technology from QSR International makes analyzing social media and online data easy

Ann McClure's picture
QSR International today announced the release of NVivo 10, the first qualitative data analysis software that enables people to easily capture, work with and analyze social media and online data. Capitalizing on the rapid expansion of social media and the world’s rush to tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more; this latest version of NVivo caters to a modern landscape and gives people the power to easily analyze every kind of information.
CEO of QSR International, John Owen commented, “The way that we interact and communicate has changed rapidly with the advent of social media. Introducing NVivo 10 today, QSR International is delighted to be the first company to offer one comprehensive tool to efficiently capture, manage and analyze this ubiquitous data alongside other data types such as interviews or surveys – keeping NVivo users ahead of the curve.

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