New Rutgers President, Hailed As A Strong Leader, Takes Over At A Time Of 'Change And Opportunity'

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A "powerhouse" said one.

A "game changer." A man with "a global presence," said still another.

With high hopes and soaring superlatives, Rutgers University introduced its new president to the world Wednesday, and if you look past the tabloid rhetoric, there were several reasons the board of governors chose Robert L. Barchi — the president of Thomas Jefferson University — to run the state’s biggest university.

Rutgers officials who were part of the search committee said Barchi’s enthusiasm blew them away, his strong medical background was what they needed to turn the coming addition of medical school into a success story, while his ability to lead his former school out of troubled times was their hope for what he will do for Rutgers.

Finally they liked his reputation as a boss who knows what to do with red tape — cut it.

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