New ProProfs Store Makes Selling Online Learning Materials Simple and Profitable

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SANTA MONICA, CA –, the leading provider of comprehensive online tools for building, testing and applying knowledge, today announced the launch of its new ProProfs Store educational e-commerce platform that makes it fast and easy for educators to make money selling e-learning courses and quizzes to millions of students.

Using ProProfs’ advanced, yet easy-to-use, Training Maker and Quiz Maker technology, instructors can now create and sell courses, an entire series of courses, quizzes and other learning materials, with no complicated software to download or learn. A built-in, worry-free shopping cart and checkout system eliminates payment hassles and offers maximum earning potential.

“Our powerful technology rivals some of the most expensive professional learning management systems on the market, but we’ve made it simple and free to help instructors maximize the revenue potential of their course content,” said Sameer Bhatia, founder and CEO of “Plus, our course delivery system gives students the flexibility to access and view any type of content from anywhere, on any device with no software to install.”

Recent studies show U.S. teachers’ salaries are among the lowest in the world, and as many as two- thirds work a second job to support their family. Frustrated by the low salary, nearly half leave the profession in the first five years, a turnover that costs school districts $7 billion a year.

To counter this growing problem, ProProfs provides a risk-free opportunity for school teachers, professors and corporate instructors to leverage their existing knowledge, experience and materials to generate a substantial second income quickly and easily. With the ProProfs Store, authors can build and launch a course in minutes, set a price and get paid quickly.

And, unlike other e-learning platforms that lock instructors in to using only their payment system and prevent authors from marketing their courses elsewhere, ProProfs offers a completely open platform that provides greater marketing exposure, earnings potential and flexibility. With ProProfs, the instructor owns the content and subscriber data, and they can take it with them at any time.

The ProProfs system offers instructors:

An easy-to-use, professional quality course-building system to create engaging, interactive content from existing materials in just minutes, for free. Authors can import existing YouTube, blog, wiki or any other web content and upload Microsoft Office, PDF and other popular file formats with a single click. Once the course or quiz is completed, authors simply set their own price and the material instantly appears in the ProProfs Store.

A chance to earn real money, risk free. With no monthly or setup fees, and no e-commerce transaction fees or hassles, ProProfs offers a competitive payment rate —authors earn 80 percent of the course price, which they set themselves. Instructors are immediately alerted to each course or quiz sale and receive payment from ProProfs each month. ProProfs’ online instructor dashboard makes it easy to log in anytime to view sales data.

A system focused on growing instructor sales and brand. Where other platforms restrict authors inside a walled garden, ProProfs enables authors to easily embed their courses and quizzes on their own website and promote their content via social media. Authors can even brand content and checkout pages with their own logo and color scheme. Plus, ProProfs instructors gain exposure to the site’s 50 million+ annual visitors, 1 million registered users and over a million page views per day to expand their audience. ProProfs also offers the ability to opt out of revenue sharing, allowing authors to use their own billing system with ProProfs serving as only the course delivery platform.

With more than 3 million quiz questions and 300,000+ complete quizzes available, ProProfs offers the largest public library of quizzes on the Internet, providing practice tests and supplemental learning tools for a wide range of IT certifications, the SAT, LSAT and the GMAT placement tests. The ProProfs learning management platform is also trusted by some of the most recognized corporate and educational brands in the world, including Fortune 500 companies and leading universities.

To start making money by selling course material through the ProProfs Store, visit store.


ProProfs ( is the leading provider of comprehensive online tools for building, testing and applying knowledge. Through its products that help create a course and quizzes, ProProfs offers trainers and educators powerfully simple features without requiring users to download or learn expensive software. With the largest library of professional quizzes and assessment tools on the Web, as well as a powerful tracking and measurement dashboard, ProProfs empowers users with a valuable feedback engine to apply knowledge, helping them increase productivity, efficiency and profitability.

ProProfs is a privately held company based in Santa Monica, Calif.