New Outdoor Projection Screen for the Summertime

Ann McClure's picture

The Yard Master Series is a lightweight portable front or rear projection outdoor movie screen. It is the perfect companion for movie events in the great outdoors such as camping trips, backyard movie nights, picnics, barbecues, DJ events, pool parties, or any other outdoor group activity that demands a big screen projection system. The Yard Master consists of a black metal frame with T-legs that support Elite’s soft DynaWhite 1.1 gain front projection or Wraithveil 2.2 gain rear-projection materials. The Yard Master includes a kit with all the accessories needed to put up a big screen that will remain secure even on a windy day. It sets up quickly with no additional tools required to assemble the frame. Sizes are available from 100”, 120” and 150” in a 16:9 HDTV aspect ratio.

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