New Name in Store for UM-Helena

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While higher education officials spoke the last couple of years of upgrading the mission, accessibility and image of its two-year colleges — including new names — some leaders of the University of Montana-Helena College of Technology figured they already had a name close at hand.

“UM-Helena,” the school’s dean and CEO, Daniel Bingham, said last year, noting that it’s the name the school already uses in many contexts.

“The University of Montana-Helena College,” the faculty senate recommended in January.

But March 2, the Montana Board of Regents approved a new “framework” for the names of the schools in Helena, Missoula, Butte, Billings and Great Falls, ruling that the names should all follow the same pattern: a location identifier first, and then the “mission” of the institution, followed by university affiliation for that school.

That would mean “Helena College-UM” for the local unit.

Or, the regents could consider another place name for the school, possibly as early as when it meets in Havre May 24-25.

Listed in report by a consultant were the possible names “Helena Valley College-UM,” “Capital City College-UM,” “Treasure State College-UM,” and “Mount Helena College-UM.”

The regents could pick yet another name, but it would have to follow the same pattern.

John Hartman, a chemistry instructor and president of the faculty Senate at UM-Helena, said the faculty thought “UM-Helena College” would fit with what the regents wanted: dropping the “College of Technology” to recognize the schools’ significant general-education offerings, but keeping the word “college” and the UM affiliation.

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