New law gives veterans more access to college

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A bill signed into law last week allowing veterans greater access to a more-affordable college education will keep Vincennes University among the top schools for military and former military personnel.

The bill, signed by Gov. Pence on May 2, grants in-state tuition eligibility to honorably discharged veterans and active duty National Guard members who enroll in one of Indiana's state colleges within a year of settling here.

"Currently there are veterans who come home from serving and have been stationed elsewhere, so they're not able to declare residency for in-state tuition, increasing their costs upon returning," VU military education director Matt Schwartz told the Vincennes Sun-Commercial. "This bill takes care of that problem, it fills in the gap."

As it stands, students enrolling in a state school who have not had an Indiana address for 12 months prior to their enrollment must pay out-of-state tuition rates.

But that will change this summer.

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