New Jersey City University Protesters Adopt Occupy Wall Street Lingo In Protesting Rising Tuition, Cuts To Education

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Wearing buttons that read “99%,” roughly 50 faculty teachers, staff members and students of New Jersey City University rallied Monday outside Hepburn Hall, decrying state cuts to higher education and the high cost of student loans.

Adopting the slogan of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, Monday's demonstrators called for reinstatement of the “millionaires tax,” a move that Gov. Chris Christie’s administration says would drive higher-income earners out of the state.

Raising taxes on the wealthiest 4 percent of state residents would generate $1.3 billion to $1.8 billion a year for state coffers, they said.

Students said state cuts to the Jersey City college have resulted in reduced maintenance, expanding class sizes and rising tuition.

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