New firm to offer free online course on “Digital Badges”

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Digital badges — the new industry model for issuing, displaying, and verifying an individual’s educational and professional credentials — are the subject of a free online course that will begin on January 27, 2014. Titled “Badge 101: The Discovery of Badging,” the course will be presented in a MOOC (massive open online course) web‐based learning format. Badge 101 will be open for four weeks, and attendees can participate on their own time and set their own pace for learning.

Registration is free, at‐events, and will remain open until Saturday, February 8.

The course is sponsored by Accreditrust, an innovator in digital credentials verification and management.

“Digital badges are often compared to Scouting badges, which represent achievements in skill or knowledge,” said Accreditrust Director of Projects Dr. Darlene Hunter, the course facilitator. “Now viewed in the industry as the likely replacement for transcripts and diplomas, digital badges permit credentials to be fully portable, validated, and endorsed by third parties. Thanks to this technology, fraudulent transcripts and résumés will soon be outdated concepts.”

A college professor and former associate dean, Dr. Hunter is an expert on digital learning and curriculum design. With input from a mathematician, an artist, a sociologist, and a researcher, Dr. Hunter designed the Badge 101 course to teach participants about badge design and policy while simultaneously delivering the student experience of "earning" digital badges.

“This free online course is an absolute must for university administrators, issuers of licenses and certifications, and anyone interested in learning more about how digital badges will shape the future of credentials management,” said Dr. Hunter. Registration for the online course is now open, at‐events.

About Accreditrust, LLC

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