New Factory-Calibrated Lighting Presets Added to Quick-Connect Universal CAT-5 CCU

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Vaddio, a leader in robotic PTZ cameras and camera control systems, adds factory-calibrated preset configurations to allow users to quickly run through preset lighting environment scenes for each ClearVIEW HD-Series PTZ camera. These presets are suggested starting points for further adjustment.

“These presets were really added as suggested starting points so users could further adjust the image according to the environment,” explained COO of Vaddio, Mark Steen. “They are also really helpful if the user gets carried away with the controls – you can at least go back to the preset.”

The new presets include fully automatic mode, incandescent high-light, incandescent low-light, florescent high-light, florescent low-light and an outdoor mode.

To watch a video about how to update Vaddio’s new Quick-Connect Universal CAT-5 CCU, please visit or contact us by phone at (763) 971-4400.