New Endpoint Protector 4 – Device Control Hardware and Virtual Appliance: Faster, Stronger, Adaptable Data and Device Security for Businesses

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In September 2011 alone, over 20 million private records worldwide have been exposed in security breaches, affecting businesses around the world. To prevent such incidents, endpoint security developer CoSoSys has released a new version of their flagship device control and data loss prevention solution, Endpoint Protector. Offering enhanced protection, increased effectiveness and the fastest implementation time in its segment, the out-of-the-box Hardware and Virtual Appliance is now available for small, medium and large companies and organizations.

The new version ensures complete control over the latest portable and mobile devices available as well as full support and protection for the latest Windows operating systems and Mac OS X versions, including Mac OS X Lion. By continuously adapting to new and highly spread security threats affecting both small businesses and large corporations, Endpoint Protector 4 focuses not only on proactively protecting company networks from data loss, leakage and theft by blocking, controlling and monitoring all ports, but also on offering complete detailed reports on the information transferred in and out of the network.

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