New DIY "Set-Up-Anywhere" Projection Screen for Picnics and Outdoor Events

Ann McClure's picture

Elite’s new DIY Outdoor Movie Screen is a professionally engineered yet cost-effective solution that eliminates all of the problems encountered when trying to project on regular sheet fabrics. It is a tension material that has grommet attachments that allow it to be fastened to garage doors, walls or virtually any upright attachment. Its durable construction allows it to stand up to the effects of outdoor breezes that have ruined many attempts made by “bed sheet-theater” displays. The DIY bursts forward with stunning picture quality on its professionally designed DynaWhite 1.1 gain material. The DIY’s sheer tension surface eliminates such visual artifacts from occurring. Bad color shifts and visual artifacts ruin the picture quality completely. For this reason, the DIY outdoor projection screen is the winning combination of price and quality.

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