New Crestron Connect It Presentation Interface makes connectivity easier than ever

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Clear the tables

Crestron Connect It enables clean, attractive cable installations at a fraction of the cost of traditional cable holders. The 4-inch round cubbyhole neatly stores HDMI®, VGA, audio, and Ethernet cables, and connects directly to the display. When your meeting is over simply disconnect the laptop. The cables are weighted so retraction into the storage compartment is smooth and easy. Now you can leave the room ready for the next meeting.

Simple connectivity

Don’t have a large enough conduit for all the cables, or need to transmit HDMI further than 30 feet? Crestron Connect It integrates with DigitalMedia™ to make connectivity and long distance transmission easy. All the cables go into the transmitter at the table. Then send DM® over a single CAT5e to the display. DM even provides added control so the room display automatically turns on and off when a laptop is connected or disconnected to Crestron Connect It.

Work together as a team

“With a Crestron Connect It interface installed at every seat and a DigitalMedia Presentation System in the room, you have everything you need for natural, free-flowing collaboration,” said Fred Bargetzi, VP Technology.

Users simply press one of the soft-touch buttons, conveniently positioned for left or right-hand access. Blue indicates the system is ready but no device is connected. Push the button — solid green means you’re live. Other DM switchers can be used for more connectivity, as needed.

Easy installation

Using a hole-saw drill a 4-inch round hole through the tabletop and then secure it with the twist-on fitting. No need for templates or measuring. In less than two minutes you’re done and on to the rest of your job. It’s perfect every time.

Learn more See how Crestron Connect It delivers versatile connectivity, cable management and one-touch control, all in one stylish tabletop device.

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