New Construction at Norwich University Will Cost $41 Million

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The Historic Norwich University campus is undergoing massive new construction as the academic year comes to a close. Over $41 million will be spent on all of the various projects according to the university.

"Norwich has never seen as large a series of construction projects underway at any one time as we have now," said David Magida, Norwich University’s [NU] Chief Administrative Officer. "It's only going to get bigger the day after commencement."

According to Mr. Magida the university has four major projects presently underway. That accounts for all of the machinery and construction workers on campus. The renovation of Sabine Field and the "bearing and upgrade of utility lines" around the field, the construction of the biomass plant, the construction of a new civilian student dormitory have made for a lot of activity on the campus as the students prepare to tackle the last couple of weeks of school.

Additionally, the day after NU's Class of 2013 Commencement Ceremony, renovations to Dodge Hall, a Corps student dorm on the Upper Parade Ground, will begin a part of the annual dormitory renovations program.

All of the construction projects combined will cost the university approximately 41 million dollars, monies that have come from different donors, fundraisers, and loans. The Sabine Field renovation is supported by a fundraising effort to reach out for alumni donations. The new civilian dorm is being erected by a loan to the school. The renovations to Dodge Hall are a part of the annual budget. And the biomass wood chip plant is the result of a "generous" donation from a university supporter.

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