New Connective Corridor Lights Shattered On Syracuse U Campus

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The globes of Syracuse University’s Connective Corridor bike lane lights are like a baseball batter’s melon pitch down the middle: Waist-high and smashable. Vandals have been knocking them out.

On University Avenue, almost half of 43 new Connective Corridor bike lane lights have been shattered.

This week, of 43 lights on University Avenue, 19 are broken. The block with the most damaged lights runs between Harrison and Adams streets. Parking lots border one side, a parking garage the other. Eight out of 10 are broken on that block.

The lights were installed in recent months at a cost of $1,100 each, plus the labor to put them in, said Linda Dickerson Hartsock, SU’s director in the Office of Community Engagement and Economic Development.

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