New College of the Desert East Valley Campus Rising in Indio

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Just as summer in the desert arrives, construction of the College of the Desert east valley campus in Indio has kicked into high gear.

What was once a dirt lot in the city’s downtown is slowly morphing into a tall steel structure — the skeleton of a three-story building.

The $16 million construction project, set for completion in spring of 2014, will form an educational community of its own and is expected to be a game changer for east valley residents.

“It’s going to fully function like a community college where students can obtain their associate degree within just that campus itself,” Indio Development Manager Mariano Aguirre said. “It’s going to be very convenient for the east valley — my understanding is that the majority of students (currently) on the main campus are located in the east valley.”

Susana Mendoza, a senior at College of the Desert, travels to the Palm Desert campus on the 111 Sunline bus from Thermal two to three times a week. It takes her an hour and a half to get to class.

The new campus will be a relief for students traveling a long distance, she said.

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