New Applications System for International Students Launched

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Uni-Pay – the specialist payment provider to overseas students, agents and educational institutions, has teamed up with Centurus to deliver a revolutionary new approach to help universities manage applications from overseas students.

This entrepreneurial collaboration by two businesses that focus solely on delivering services to the international education sector, enables universities to take more control of the application process from overseas students and their agents. The link up brings to the market a web-based solution for managing applications from the point of initial enquiry, right through to receipt of deposit payment and enrolment.

As more and more universities seek to grow the number of overseas students that enroll, the ability to engage effectively and positively with applicants right from the point of first contact, can be the difference between securing or losing a new overseas student enrollment.
Added to this, the increased bureaucracy and ever-changing procedures required under the tier 4 visa process pose a risk to any university that does not have enough controls in place to ensure its procedures are compliant. Even those that do have adequate procedures in place often rely heavily on paper-based solutions and the knowledge of individual admissions officers if a case needs to be looked at retrospectively – again putting at risk a university’s ability to demonstrate adequate process management and record keeping to Government inspectors.

There are many stories of student visas being refused due to simple administrative errors – either by agents or indeed by the university’s own admissions team. The Centurus system helps to drastically reduce these errors and to progress an application through to enrolment with full control of the engagement process in the hands of the university. The system caters for the three-way relationship between students, agents and institutions and allows admissions teams to record feedback about agents and to use a rating-style tool to share this with other members of the admissions team.

All of these benefits and more, combine to provide a service that improves the experience for the student, improves the success rate of applications for the university and ensures that a robust and transparent application process can be demonstrated to the likes of the UKBA and QAA inspectors.

Simon Read, Director at Uni-Pay comments; “We are very excited about this new collaboration with Centurus. If a university has a 15% conversion rate from overseas student application to successful enrolment then, by default, 85% of overseas student applicants have not been satisfied with some element of the application process. This new service, which provides more control from the very first point of enquiry right through to receipt of deposit and the issuing of a CAS, enables universities to control the engagement process with students and agents alike. This will bring some much-needed order to what can often be a manual and relatively inconsistent experience for students and agents that are applying to universities.”

Centurus is owned by graduate entrepreneur Dawood Fard who recently hit the headlines in the sector when David Cameron offered to facilitate a meeting with the UKBA whilst the PM and James Caan visited the Media Factory at UCLAN to launch the latest government backed graduate entrepreneur scheme. “Application processing time and student engagement is critical to securing efficient use of international officers’ time and productive application conversion. Our tie-up with Uni-Pay allows genuine added value for the student and institution and further streamlines the process.”