The need for effective funding higher education

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Missouri’s post-secondary education system plays a critical role in our state’s economy. The degrees, courses, and programs offered throughout Missouri’s universities, colleges and technical schools enhance our workforce, bolster economic development, and allow us to compete in an ever-changing world. Therefore, as we look to the future, it is imperative that we have a top tier post-secondary education system in Missouri that is affordable and effective for our citizens.

Missouri’s post-secondary education landscape is much different than many other states. Missouri has numerous state supported schools where individuals can obtain a specialized and affordable education. Often, these institutions provide an environment where class sizes are smaller, hands on interaction is greater and tuition is lower. Unfortunately, there is no methodical way in which we fund these institutions. It is not based on student enrollment, student achievement, success in job placement or any other benchmarks that align with economic growth, responsible stewardship, or benchmarks for success.

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