NEC Debuts PH1000U Digital Projector with 3-Chip DLP System

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NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today the new PH1000U digital projector with unique 3-chip DLP system. This professional installation model can operate 24/7 and is designed for higher education, house of worship, corporate and retail environments where there is high ambient light or the need for a larger screen size.

Powered by a unique 3-chip 0.96” DLP system, the PH1000U is an 11,000 lumen WUXGA resolution projector featuring a sleek compact design that creates quality, larger-than-life images under virtually any operating condition to take on the most demanding integration projects. It is the second model in NEC’s projector lineup to offer Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), which is the first industry-wide standardization in option slots to simplify installation, use and maintenance while offering input flexibility. It supports multiple input cards, including an HD/SD-SDI and single board computer (SBC).

The PH1000U uses Integrated Device Technology HQV™, a high-performance video processing and scaling system designed for computer signals, as well as standard or high-definition video. This technology produces superior video processing using pixel-based, motion-adaptive de-interlacing to remove undesirable motion artifacts typical of interlaced signals. The outcome is a life-like image, which is especially useful in video conferencing applications.

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