Nearly 5,000 Alabama College Students Lost Pell Grants Due To New Federal Regulations, Study Says

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Nearly 5,000 Alabama college students lost Pell grant funding in the fall of 2012 due to new restrictions on the federal student-assistance program, a study says.

The study, conducted by the Education Policy Center at the University of Alabama and commissioned by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, shows 4,731 students lost their grants due to a new lifetime-eligibility restriction approved by Congress in June.

"Many of these students registered for classes in the spring 2012 term and at the same time applied for Pell, and instead of receiving notice that the federal aid would be there, received bills for tuition and fees," the study says. 

Another 12,057 students are within two semesters of losing Pell eligibility due to the restriction, which limits students to 12 full-time semesters of aid in their lifetime, according to the study.

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