N.D. Higher Ed Board Fires Dickinson State's Embattled President

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A North Dakota college president accused of inflating student totals and telling an associate he would not stand for declining enrollments was fired today by the state Board of Higher Education.

Dickinson State University's Richard McCallum had been suspended with pay since early August, when an auditor's report showed that the school inflated the numbers. McCallum has said the enrollment reporting errors were corrected and didn't hurt the university.

McCallum refused a request from the university system chancellor to resign, and he received a weeklong hearing in October. An administrative law judge who presided over the hearing recommended that McCallum be fired.

Grant Shaft, the board's president, cited the judge's report after the board members emerged from a closed door meeting. He said the judge disputed claims that college administrators are coerced by the board and Legislature to increase enrollment.

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