ND Chancellor Proposes Higher Education Changes; Stricter Admission Standards At UND

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Hamid Shirvani, chancellor of the North Dakota University System, has proposed a major overhaul to the state’s higher education system – an overhaul that stands to affect nearly every future North Dakota college student.

Shirvani released details of his proposal, which aims to increase the quality of public higher education in the state, to the Grand Forks Herald editorial board this morning.

His proposal calls for stricter admission standards across the board, in particular at the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University – the state’s research universities. A student under Shirvani’s proposal would have to achieve a certain cumulative score - based on a new formula that factors a combination of ACT score, high school ranking, high school GPA and the number of high school core classes - to be admitted into UND or NDSU. Those falling short wouldn’t be eligible for admission, but could be considered for a regional school such as Valley City State University or Dickinson State University. Although, even places like VCSU and DSU will have increased admission standards, as will the community colleges.

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