The NCAA's theatre of the absurd

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An overdue judicial smackdown. A flip-flopping expert witness. An inconveniently curious Congresswoman. And, of course, more empty blather from the rich men who call the shots. Welcome back to the Laboratories of Hypocrisy, Sports on Earth's semi-regular roundup of the unfairness, dissimulation and sheer, head-shaking absurdity that characterizes amateur campus sports.

During a public forum in Manhattan last week, NCAA president Mark Emmert floated the idea of implementing a small stipend for college athletes to help cover the full cost of school attendance -- a cost that exceeds scholarship value at public universities by roughly $4,000 per year. He also dismissed the notion that said stipend was a response to the ongoing federal antitrust lawsuit brought by former UCLA basketball star Ed O'Bannon.

"We've been working on [a stipend] for two and a half years," Emmert said. "They were talking about that long before I showed up. We don't need a lawsuit to do the right thing. That's important for people to know."

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