National Hispanic University students seek lifeline

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Ever since National Hispanic University announced it will shut its doors next year, students like San Jose's Ramon Ramirez have had one word to describe the fallout: "panic."

But on a sun-splashed Saturday, while many Bay Area residents may have headed to the beach or out for a hike, Ramirez was among a group of NHU enrollees who spent a few hours inside a nondescript office building looking for a way out of their predicament.

National University, California's second largest nonprofit university, hosted a "transfer day," targeting NHU students in search of a solution as they face the extinction of their own platform for higher education. The olive branch includes a guarantee that students would pay no more tuition than they do at NHU, minus a 15 percent discount.

For NHU students scrambling for the right fit to finish college degrees and master's programs, it was seen as a lifeline. Ramirez's first question to National University educators on Saturday, however, was: "How long are you going to be open?"

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