NACAS Institute For Managers

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January 26 - 29 2014
1601 South Lamar St
Dallas, TX 75215

The NACAS Institute for Managers (IFM) is designed for managers new to generalist auxiliary service positions, and for operational managers seeking a broader perspective on auxiliary services in higher education. IFM is an intensive learning experience incorporating small group seminars, operational knowledge opportunities, case study work, and group presentations.

Attendees will study topics such as: outlining auxiliary services, auxiliary services finances, campus partnerships, managing multiple operations, and instilling leadership and accountability in what you manage.

In addition, attendees will conduct a case study on the seven campuses of The Dallas County Community College District and how Auxiliary Services can be improved on each campus; even though many of them may not have adequate space. Through these experiences, IFM will leave a lasting impression and more importantly will help advance individuals to the next step in their careers.

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