N-20 and M-17 Copyboards

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The PLUS N-20's industry-first network function allows users to connect the copyboard to a network via an Ethernet cable. Meeting notes written on the board can be saved as image files to the N-20's internal memory or to an FTP server. Users can then access the meeting notes conveniently through their network-connected computer. Files saved to the N-20's internal memory are accessible even when the copyboard is in standby mode.

The N-20's smartphone integration marks another industry first. Using the company's MTG Pocket app (meeting pocket application), meeting attendees are able to perform the "scan" function of the board from their iPhone(R), iPod touch(R), and iPad(R) -- and soon on Android(TM) smartphones -- and then preview and save the image of the scanned meeting notes to their device's memory, or to any device at the meeting that has the MTG Pocket app installed. Furthermore, the app allows users to record audio and video during meetings. Scanned notes and recordings are all conveniently organized in one folder on the user's device.

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