Muskegon Community College Breaks Fundraising Record, But Still Lags Behind Some Community Colleges In Michigan

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Donors opened their wallets to Muskegon Community College in record numbers last year.

In the midst of a fundraising campaign to renovate the college's planetarium, residents from throughout the area donated $157,563 from July 2010 to June 2011, nearly triple what MCC received the previous year.

“I'm gratified that we were able to have a successful year,” said President Dale Nesbary. While most of the donations are going toward the college's planetarium project, giving also helps support scholarships, athletic programs and MCC's Alumni Association.

Driving the increase in donations was a renewed focus on the college's foundation, a nonprofit organization headed by Tina Dee, MCC's director of community relations. Since coming to the college in 2010, Dee organized educational sessions for the foundation's board members, brought a more vigorous approach to community outreach, and attempted to form lasting ties with donors.

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