Multiyear Budgeting Eyed by Fla Higher Ed Panel

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Multiyear budgeting was one of the first ideas to pop up for discussion as Gov. Rick Scott's panel on overhauling state colleges and universities began its work Wednesday.

Whether the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Higher Education Reform recommends that or any other proposals, though, will require unanimous consent, all seven members decided during a conference call.

"We've got consensus that consensus will be unanimous," said chairman Dale Brill.

House Education Committee Chairman Bill Proctor, R-St. Augustine, said the panel's recommendations would be stronger if spoken with a single voice.

"It forces us to crystalize the message," said Joseph Caruncho, a private Medicare plan CEO from Miami and member of the Board of Governors, which oversees Florida's 12 public universities.

University of North Florida President John Delaney suggested multiyear budgeting.

"It's very hard to do any strategic planning with absolutely no idea if your budget is going up or down," Delaney said.

He also noted the schools don't set their own annual budgets but depend on the Legislature and partially the Board of Governors.

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