MTV’s Next Reality Star: University for the Deaf

Ann McClure's picture

MTV’s college channel, mtvU, which has taken its cameras and microphones into lectures, concerts and protests at schools across the country, will next attempt to capture university life of an entirely different nature: a campus where nearly all students are deaf.

On Monday, the cable network will formally announce the debut of a short-form series, “Quiet Campus,” that will follow four students at Gallaudet University, the four-year school for the deaf and hard of hearing in Washington, D.C. (You can watch a clip from the series in the video player above.)

In spite of the school’s unique mission, those involved say that the series, which is set to premiere on Oct. 24, will deliver drama characteristic of MTV programming and college life, with footage of class lectures and keg parties alike.

“Students here are just like students anywhere else,” said Catherine Murphy, a spokeswoman for the university. “They’re typical undergraduates.”

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